GMD Designed Kits


Our easy to assemble kits let you craft your own miniature garden structures—and you get to decorate them any way that tickles your fancy!

Your colors and design choices are a major factor in expressing your vision in a miniature garden.

You can choose chairs, side tables, trellis arches, and tiny wren houses to set the scene.

All our kits are scaled (1:12) to coordinate.

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Tool Belts


Right where you need them! —at your side (literally). These tool belts are so practical, we wear them around even inside! Organization means means you get more time to smell the roses.

You can take more than your water bottle and gloves with you as you garden with our Wheelbarrow Caddies. These are designed to keep all your large gardening tools right on your wheelbarrow!

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The most alluring way to shine a light on your miniature garden is to...shine lights on it!

Our Pathway Lights are painstakingly constructed with tiny LEDs embedded in silicone, mounted on brass columns,  with waterproof connections, so they are impervious to the elements and last for years.

Put them on solar panels, and voila!, you get lighting magic without a switch!

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We searched high and low for these planters. We even call them "Perfect Pots" because for miniature gardening, that's what they are. Perfect depth (just the right root restriction for keeping your plantings tiny without overly constraining them), perfect shape (large at the top for maximal design room), perfect drainage (tapered sides and holes), and they're beautiful!

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Tools for Miniature Gardening


Talk about "the right tool for the job." These are so wonderful we call them "Garden Wands." After exasperating attempts to get the job done with chop sticks, and iced tea spoons, we went all out and designed a set of tools we knew from experience were critical to gardening in miniature. A trio of wands with 6 distinct tools.

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Artisan Items


Brazed metal items, each hand-crafted for that Artisan look, add panache to your miniature garden scene.

Cast brass rake & trowel sets, whirligigs (they twirl when you blow on them), wind chimes that tinkle delicately in the breeze, hung from a Shepherd's Hook, viewed through a brass arch entwined with a climbing vine... 

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Our Own Handcrafted Props


Scaled (1:12) items we make just for miniature gardening: stone pathways (cast from actual stone for realistic detail),  ponds (rustic and formal), flamingos (an iconic pair), pedestals (for a variety of garden ornaments), animal silhouettes on brass stakes (miniature yard decorations), and more (we keep thinking up new fun stuff, and you keep making fun suggestions for others).

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Props Made Elsewhere


We must have gone through hundreds of items, looking for those which pass our filters: 1) must conform to 1:12 scale, and 2) must be cute & sufficiently well-made.

These are the ones which made it into our inventory so far. (We are always on the lookout for garden props!)

wagons & wheelbarrows,

plaster urns & clay pots,

skeletons (every garden needs one, no?) & others.

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Custom Pieces


There are some designs in your imagination that you just won't find in retail. That is precisely what inspired us to make what we make. If you've got something in mind, and you're not sure how to make it a reality, chances are we can help. We love doing custom work!—and we know the world of miniatures. If we can't make it, chances are we can point you in the right direction to another source.

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Custom Lighting


Want it in magenta? Yes, we can!—and UV "Black light" too. Lighting is one of our specialties. We are constantly looking for new lighting innovations, and offering you creative lighting options.

Assume we can wire anything! Your imagination is the limit (or maybe the size of your garden project).




Need a class for your group or club? Depending on timing and location, we might have just the right presentation or workshop for your event—or tailor one to suit your needs.

When we present at Garden Clubs and Flower Shows,  people often tell us they get new inspiration and ideas for miniature gardening projects.

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In the gardening business yourself? Some of our inventory is available for wholesale distribution.


Tool Belts,

Miniature Gardening Tools,

Wheelbarrow Caddies,

GMD Kits


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